internship program

Convert knowledge into skills

We are sharing our experience with beginners creating a solid foundation for your career path development.

Working on Real-life projects

We give students the opportunity to gain skills and practice working on real projects, facing and dealing with all the aspects of stakeholder collaboration.

real time projects

Conducted by Mentors

Our senior specialists and team leads become mentors and keep in constant touch with students to share their knowledge and lay the path for independent work.

real time projects

Flexible timeline

We model a flexible timeline to help you integrate into the workflow and assert yourself as a professional.

flexible workflow


We encourage teamwork and collaborative efforts for sharing and gaining knowledge while unfolding the full potential of students.

teamwork skills

The process

We welcome students with a theoretical background ready to learn more and transform knowledge into skills. A 5-stage process will take you from application to compliance.

  • Application
  • Test
  • Task
  • Interview
  • Internship
  • Juniorship

Make your first steps to career growth

Led by high-qualified mentors, students will build a solid base with theoretical knowledge that is simultaneously used on real-life projects.

Software EngineeringUX/UI DesignQuality AssuranceDigital MarketingGraphic DesignProject Management


faq arrowHow long does the internship last?

The internship duration is approximately 3 months, depending on participants’ achievements and the project type. After the completion, the top candidates are offered to take a 1-year juniorship.

faq arrowWill I get a job offer from this company after my internship?

The best students who have passed the internship are invited to take a 1-year juniorship in the Mamble Labs working on the local partners’ projects. After completing this step, the juniors may get a job offer for open positions to work on international projects in Mamble. If not, they become a valuable asset in the talent pool available for our partners and the overall market.

faq arrowDo interns get paid?

The internship is part-time, requiring a 4-hour commitment. As a motivation, the company has set a monthly salary of 35.000 AMD.

faq arrowWhat covers web development internships?

Web development internship includes full-stack frontend and backend development focused mainly on JavaScript programming language with React and Node.

faq arrowI have applied for the internship and haven’t received an answer yet.

We are thoroughly processing each application that may take a little more time depending on the workload. We appreciate each applicant and send a reply regardless of the outcome.

faq arrowWhat type of questions does the test include?

The test includes math and logical problems, checks attention to detail, and basic professional knowledge to understand your skills. The questions are in English. The test is taken on a computer in the office, lasting for an hour and a half.

faq arrowIs English necessary?

The knowledge of English is not mandatory but preferable as all materials and research are in the English language.

faq arrowIs it a training course?

Mamble Labs are not holding training courses. Instead, we provide real-life projects for interns and juniors to acquire skills and practice with the mentorship of senior specialists.