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Filling the experience gap

Understanding the lack of practical skills in digital professions, we have created a platform for beginners to work on real-life projects and transform knowledge into skills.

Experience gap internship


Mamble Labs program is a 3-month internship covering digital professions aimed at empowering students with actionable professional skills. As a first practical experience, the students will work on internal projects within the program scope.

Experience gap juniorship


1-year juniorship follows the internship program where the top graduates, armed with skills and knowledge, are now ready to conduct the external projects under the auspices of mentors.

Covering full-cycle projects

We believe the success of the sustainable partnership greatly depends on defining the full project cycle according to stakeholder requirements. To involve the teamwork of design, development, and digital marketing students we encourage partnerships with projects that start and end in any stage from idea generation to the final execution.

full-cycle projects

Conducting long-term recurring projects

We are looking for mutually beneficial partnerships with recurring projects that will allow us to easily integrate juniors who provide near professional performance with each successive iteration. Our partners will simultaneously have access to the growing talent pool of the Mamble Labs graduates.

long-term projects

Coaching students by professional mentors

The partnerships are led by senior specialists who act as an initial contact person with the partner and are responsible for setting up the workflow, establishing the full interaction with students, monitoring the working processes and final outputs.

professional mentorship

Types of projects

Choose one or customize your project.

Outsourcing development services

Developing non-urgent product features that have been sitting in your product backlog for a while. Mamble Labs students provide and follow the continuous inflow of product features and drive high results in full-stack development, product management, and stakeholder cooperation.

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Building custom landing pages

As a crucial part of a digital project, students build landing pages transforming their knowledge into skills in design and development thoroughly addressing business objectives.

Launching custom marketing campaigns

Creating small-scale campaigns that allow testing the ground for your product in the new market. Aligning communication with company specialists, students come up with marketing campaign ideas to later implement them with tracking, analytics, and reporting.


Media Factory Project

Media factory

Mamble labs' team of juniors has successfully designed, developed, and deployed a landing page for the Hetq Media factory investigative article. The interactive map is a complete visualization of the stories from all around Lake Sevan and its ecological issues presented with statistics.

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Mamble Labs students developed a landing page supporting a marketing campaign’s objectives for testing the ground in a new market. Lucky Carrot will continue supporting this initiative and already consider further partnership perspectives for ad hoc design and development projects.
Sergey Asatryan
Co-founder, Lucky Carrot