Lucky Carrot

Overview & Context

As part of the practical internship program, Mamble Labs’ students implemented the landing page design for our partner, Lucky Carrot. The landing page was meant to test a new market for Lucky Carrot - a tool for tracking employee engagement, revealing disengaged ones and applying strategies to enhance productivity.


Student: UI/UX designer Edvard V. Mentors: Karine Sh., Lilit Ch.


Creating an informative landing page that would serve as the main landing page promoting Lucky Carrot’s product with a specific marketing campaign on a new market


Lucky Carrot

Project Type

Creating a custom landing page design

Our approach

With preset perspectives and an outline of the project, the student managed to fulfil the project within the shortest possible deadline led by a mentor at the same time being in close contact with stakeholders.

Step 1

Stakeholder Interview

To ensure the successful implementation of the landing page, the initial stage of the project was a stakeholder interview to reveal the requirements and needs.

Lucky Carrot landing page

Step 2


Market research helped reveal market specifics, analyze customers and build a customer journey map to better design user experience and ensure high-level user engagement.

landing page design

Step 3

UI/UX design

The design of the landing page was aligned with the main Lucky Carrot website with color scheme and design solutions. The main challenge was to convey information within a single page. The main challenge of UI design was to create engaging call-to-actions that would provide user interaction and transition from ad to registration form.


With relevant knowledge tested during real-time projects, Mamble Labs managed to fulfil the project requirements professionally, gaining a new skill set and practical experience in market research and UI/UX design.


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Mamble Labs students developed a landing page supporting a marketing campaign’s objectives for testing the ground in a new market. Lucky Carrot will continue supporting this initiative and already consider further partnership perspectives for ad hoc design and development projects.
Sergey Asatryan
Co-founder, Lucky Carrot

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