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What we do

Finding talents

Finding talents

We create a community of growing specialists by identifying talents, setting a platform to transform knowledge into skills by filling the gap with practice.


Building partnerships

To fulfill the concept of the community, we engage partners to reach their business objectives, simultaneously contributing to talent development.


Getting results

We support talent growth and develop digital solutions, building and maintaining a sustainable platform that will help us succeed in creating a community of specialists.

Your projects handled by growing talents

  • Non-urgent project

    Hand over your non-critical tasks to students, who will take the implementation with a slower pace yet deliver mentor-approved, quality assured results.

  • Recurring projects

    Start your efficient and long-term partnership with Mamble Labs around your recurring projects and get access to the expanding talent pool.

  • Scoped work

    To encourage successful partnership, we offer you to bring your scoped project with clearly outlined start and endpoints to the collaboration table where the team of juniors will work on the project.

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Apply your theoretical background in practice and step into your career path.

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