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Overview & Context

Mamble Labs, in partnership with Hetq Media Factory, has developed a landing page for the Hetq Media Factory investigative article about ecological issues of Lake Sevan. Featuring an interactive map with the visualization of stories, the pollution level of the area, and the impact of polluted rivers that fall into the lake, the landing page presents complete information about the initiative.


Student: UI/UX designer Alla Y. Software engineers: Diana S., Ashkhen A., Narek G. Quality Assurance engineer: Emma M. Mentors: Nare G., Lilit Ch.


Building an informative landing page to visualize data-driven investigative long read articles and drive user engagement


Hetq Media Factory

Project Type

Creating a custom landing page design

Our approach

The successful outcome of any project depends on the aligned and close communication of team members. For Hetq Media Factory, our team of designers and engineers, conducted by mentors, worked together to bring out the project objectives and visualize them on a landing page.

Sevan Media factory

Step 1

Research and UI

The main challenge of the project was to create a design that would fully convey the mission of the project and include the information on a single page. The designers’ team built a UI to collect the data around Lake Sevan and tell stories while you “travel” across the coastline.


Step 2


For the development of the landing page, the students implemented a set of new tools to fulfill the requirements and UI solutions. The interactive map was built with a mapping tool and Intersection Observer, delivering maximum interaction and user engagement. Close commutation with the client and designers helped software engineers develop and deploy fully functioning products despite the shortage of time.

Step 3

Quality Assurance

The parallel work of designers and developers helped to create, test and deploy the project within the deadline. Quality Assurance cleared all the bugs and issues to have a fully functional landing page.

Media factory project development


As the first experience for the team of engineers and designers, the Hetq Media Factory project challenged not only the professional skills of the students but their ability of teamwork, communication with the partner, and implementation of a project in a short period.


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With Mamble Labs, you can be sure that the job will be done within the agreed deadline, with the agreed conditions and better than agreed quality. Together with their mentors, this team of enthusiastic young specialists can make the implementation of any creative idea a breeze. As a representative of an educational program, we appreciate that our partnership with Mamble Labs also contributes to the professional advancement of future IT specialists.
Ani Hovhannisian
Co-founder, Project Manager, Hetq Media Factory

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